Play Like the Pros

Play Like the Pros

Hire our clay court builder in Eunice or Lake Charles, LA

The iconic French Open courts are the world's most famous clay courts. To bring this unique play experience to your club, turn to Cajun Courts in Eunice or Lake Charles, LA. Our court construction company builds a variety of specialized courts to give local tennis players a more diverse experience. With a court designed by our clay court builder, you'll discover what it's like to play on a different turf.

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Considering a clay court?

Clay courts are an excellent choice for many reasons. When playing on one of these courts, you may notice that:

  • The court is cooler as clay doesn't reflect heat as intensely as concrete
  • Balls bounce and move slower, creating a unique way to place
  • Your shoes won't slide as easily, reducing the risk of injury

Clay courts also dry faster than hard court surfaces, making it a fantastic option for Louisiana weather. Reach out to our court construction company today about building a clay court.