Water Your Courts Without Lifting a Finger

Water Your Courts Without Lifting a Finger

Schedule HydroCourt installation services in Eunice or Lake Charles, LA

Clay, grass, and other courts are best played on when watered frequently. Watering clay courts can improve traction and help compact and harden clay, keeping it in optimal condition. Cajun Courts offers HydroCourt installation services to make watering courts easy. A HydroCourt system irrigates courts from below the ground and can be optimized to meet the specific needs of the courts.

Contact our court construction company today if you'd like a HydroCourt system in Eunice or Lake Charles, LA.

The benefits of a HydroCourt system

Our court construction company installs HydroCourt systems to the benefit of our customers. With a HydroCourt system:

  • Your court will always have the appropriate amount of moisture
  • You'll reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance
  • You won't have to worry about inconsistent watering

You won't have to shut your court down for watering with one of our systems. Speak with our owner today to learn more about our HydroCourt installation services.